Thursday, February 28, 2013

Asking the hipster to leave
(or my failed relationship with kale).

Kale is that hipster in the ugly sweater we've all told ourselves we adore. Interesting and dark. A little tough. A little sensitive. Promotes biodiversity. Sticks around your fridge for way longer than he was invited. And quite frankly, he's a little bit of a jerk.

The last two days, I've dressed my Kale up and down, added some honey, balsamic it was ok, then tried it with cashews, red peppers and cheddar, then paired it up with sun dried tomatoes. But still, I find that it doesn't hold dressing quite like romaine and doesn't complement other veggies quite like spinach. I think its time we kick kale out of the party and make some room for the other leafy greens.


  1. Oh, I love kale! Not the curly kind, though. It can take a hike.

  2. i think the key with it is to let it sit in the dressing for a bit, like 15-20 minutes so that it could make the leaves a bit softer. I think it also could and should be a heavier dressing -- think caesar-ish so that it really picks up on the flavors. my two cents as I love kale!