Monday, April 8, 2013

In Search of Savory

I think everyone in my life might be as sick of me talking about juicing as I am sick of myself.  But, I have successfully continued to juice for breakfast, and semi-successfully for lunch.  My lunch hurdle has been the challenge of feeling like I'm consuming quite a lot of sugar through my juices.  I have not graduated to straight up Spinach and Wheatgrass juice, and the apples and carrots used to make the spinach go down make a very sweet concoction. Delicious, but very sweet.

But, today, I think my wish for a savory juicing alternative may have been somewhat answered. This morning while perusing the Blog Serious Eats, I came across a post on the tea company Numi coming out with Savory Vegetable Teas (follow the hyperlink for the article.)  Much like the Serious Eats writer, my first reaction was gutteral and a bit grossed out, however, after reading through the tea-veggie combinations and her reviews, I think I might give it a try, after all Numi teas are organic and eco-concious.

Here is my official disclaimer: Vegetable teas are more than likely extremely limited in their nutrient delivery, especially in comparison to an afternoon juice, so I am not using it as a meal supplement, but as an accomplice to a small salad, or as Numi suggests an "Afternoon Snack".

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dinner with Kathy

When I explained to my father that I wanted a farm raised, organic lamb for Easter, one that the farmer took such good care of, he may even have named it, he brushed it off saying, "Yeah, yeah, this lamb is called Kathy." And, so, we ate little Kathy, marinated in rosemary.

Navigating Easter was much easier than I had anticipated, my parents were relieved that I had agreed to eat some meat, and so didn't pressure me when I only had one lamb chop.  I somehow completely avoided the jelly bean bowl, and in my moment of almost weakness, I quickly cut up an orange and placed it strategically between me and the jelly beans, shaming myself into the healthier option.  And today I feel good, I even woke up wanting my morning juice over the mountains of cakes and pastries left over from dessert.

Kathy at the dinner table.