Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Off the wagon

Friends, I fell off the wagon. There are certain times of year in a student activities office that it is physically impossible to eat healthfully. As finals approach, there is a steady flow of left over pizza, sandwiches, cupcakes, hummus platters, and cookies that appear and reappear in our office common area.  All left over food from all end of year celebrations end up in our office, and unfortunately the allure of free meals for a few weeks is just too tempting to turn down.  And so, I gave in, and ate pizza and chocolate chip cookies and croissant sandwiches. And here I am three weeks into May reluctantly pulling myself back up onto the wagon.  

Although I fell from my pristine diet, I did often find myself making the best choice possible, a plain slice instead of pepperoni, hummus in lieu of sliced deli meat. So, I will celebrate the small victory in my not too damaging fall.  To get myself excited about journeying back into the world of clean eating, I purchased a NutriBullet, and can I say it has been a great success! I have started the last two days with the most delicious "NutriBlasts" that are significantly less work than juicing, which I think will make this more sustainable than juicing, I hope.