Monday, April 8, 2013

In Search of Savory

I think everyone in my life might be as sick of me talking about juicing as I am sick of myself.  But, I have successfully continued to juice for breakfast, and semi-successfully for lunch.  My lunch hurdle has been the challenge of feeling like I'm consuming quite a lot of sugar through my juices.  I have not graduated to straight up Spinach and Wheatgrass juice, and the apples and carrots used to make the spinach go down make a very sweet concoction. Delicious, but very sweet.

But, today, I think my wish for a savory juicing alternative may have been somewhat answered. This morning while perusing the Blog Serious Eats, I came across a post on the tea company Numi coming out with Savory Vegetable Teas (follow the hyperlink for the article.)  Much like the Serious Eats writer, my first reaction was gutteral and a bit grossed out, however, after reading through the tea-veggie combinations and her reviews, I think I might give it a try, after all Numi teas are organic and eco-concious.

Here is my official disclaimer: Vegetable teas are more than likely extremely limited in their nutrient delivery, especially in comparison to an afternoon juice, so I am not using it as a meal supplement, but as an accomplice to a small salad, or as Numi suggests an "Afternoon Snack".

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