Saturday, March 30, 2013

Juicehead, part 2

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice
When I decided to go on a Juice cleanse, visions of being an instant triathlete danced in my head.  My blood would be abundant with nutrients and I would be able to take on the world.

In reality, day one was a fog of headaches and mood swings, I did not feel like doing yoga or running a marathon, I felt like laying in bed with a blanket over my head.  I broke down and ate a salad and some whole fruits in the late afternoon.

Alongside the physical roadblocks, my family, who sincerely thought they were offering support, started criticizing my cleanse, concerned I was not getting enough protein and that I needed to eat some meat. My father, a Croatian man who is passionate about the craft of butchery as though he were the Mozart of meat, was surprisingly more supportive than my mother.  My mother, who is usually not the enabler, had a "get real" approach to my cleanse, as in, "get real, you can't stick to this for three days, eat something already."

But, to my surprise, I woke up on day two refreshed and revitalized. I had lost 5 pounds (which was not the point of this cleanse, but a welcomed fringe benefit), I was not starving as I thought I would be and I was excited for my morning juice.  Today is day three, and I'm even more motivated, and I feel that becoming a permanent juicer (if anything only for breakfast and lunch) is something I may seriously consider.

I will say, before I began my juice cleanse I did a lot of research on what I should be including in my daily juices, and I do not restrict the amount of juice I drink.  I'm drinking as much as I can throughout the day with plenty of water in between glasses.  It is not a juice fast by any means, I feel like I'm consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, as you can see by the photo to the left!

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